Ode to journalism

Oh, beloved journalism,

The more I contemplate your origins, principles, ethics, best practices and the work of your greatest ambassadors and practitioners, the more I appreciate you. I also feel regret and sorrow, now and then, for too many people, myself included, focus excessively on the current state of affairs. We often paint journalists with a wide brush with critiques of all kinds. You’re too partisan. Too quick. To sensational. Too intense. Too lazy….

But, in truth, you’re there to help us find truth. You’re there to help us form informed opinions and grow. You’re there to protect and investigate when many might be helpless.

Oh how noble you are! Your profession can be as noble as the selfless and committed politicians that seem in short supply on the evening news; as needed as the fair and sensible marketing executives that seem, at times, as hard to find as a syringe in a haystack (a needle would be an exaggeration).

Much to my happy surprise, Pope Francis chose to highlight journalism in his prayer intention for the month of October. He wants to rally behind journalists and their work. And he needs our help. Join me in praying for journalism and journalists. Let’s thank the good ones and keep the ones who have strayed in line with constructive comments and reminders of the high expectations and the inspirational roles they ought to have in our society.

Together, we’ve got some nice stories to tell – and some really good news!


Screen shot from Pope Francis' inspiration prayer intention for Oct., 2016, on journalists.

Screen shot from Pope Francis’ inspiration prayer intention for Oct., 2016, on journalists.