Dialogue and Grace supports CNEWA Canada for the fourth year

CNEWA Canada, an agency of the Holy See that supports Christians of the Eastern Churches and protects Christianity in the East, has partnered with Dialogue and Grace to carry out elements of its communications program in 2017.

Serving those in conflict regions such as the Middle East, Ukraine, the Horn of Africa and India, CNEWA Canada helps to provide education, health care, emergency assistance and pastoral support to those in need.

“It’s a joy to help raise the profile of CNEWA Canada as we support the organization’s mandate to remember the indigenous Christian peoples of these often troubled lands and to foster education and dialogue among persons of all faiths and backgrounds,” said Daniel Torchia, Managing Partner at Dialogue and Grace. “Working with CNEWA Canada over the years has allowed us to live out our vocation of helping faith-based organizations doing good in the world communicate their messages effectively.”

More information at cnewa.ca or dialogueandgrace.com.